Magazine Holder

MARQUE: Midipy


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A contemporary stitched leather magazine holder for those who value living with comfort and style. It combines sleek design with timeless practice. Handcrafted by artisans  according to ancestral and traditional techniques, the holder is made from choice hides, cut, assembled and sewn by hand to reveal a decorative object of great elegance and exceptional finish.

Midipy is a French brand looking to revive the heritage of the century old wool mills and weavers’ workshops of the Pyrenean mountain valleys. With skills handed down by generations, they have translated these traditional and authentic goods into a stylish line of beautiful blankets, rugs and leather products. After carefully selecting only the very best wool, it is washed with soft spring water, exactly as it was in the late 1800’s. This non-chemical cleaning process  guarantees the quality of the finished product. Midipy’s leather products represent the same timeless authenticity translated into contemporary items for living with comfort and elegance.