“Luxury these days is not about price or brand name or status. It’s about items that are deliberate, thoughtful & beautifully functional. Simplicity is genius, after all.”

— Hannah Elliot, Forbes.com


We are passionate about the timeless, yet modern gift. With ingenuity and mindfulness, we've curated a selection of the best gifts — tailored to the gift giver with impeccable taste.

We strive to offer goods that our customers feel reflect their own care and consideration.

Token Collective is a web-based shop offering a carefully edited collection of luxury items for the home, entertaining, and above all – for gifting. We hand pick items from around the world and constantly search for products that are unique, elegant, and full of exquisite artistry. Sure to impress every recipient, our tokens express universal sentiments in a whole new way.
Token Collective

Let us deliver your TOKEN

of gratitude, friendship,
love, or best wishes.

Extending our philosophy to the corporate setting, we offer gifting services to companies large and small. Learn more