Our studio combines the procurement expertise of our retail team with the creativity of our design professionals for a unique approach to Corporate Gifting, Tactile Marketing, and specialty Printed Collateral.


We constantly search for unique, well crafted meaningful objects
that reflect timeless beauty, simplicity, and authenticity.

Browse our 2016 collection of corporate gifts below.


We take pleasure in offering a corporate service
that enables you to express gratitude through modern
yet timeless gifts that leave the perfect impression.

We uniquely service your HR needs by curating a gift selection for your company. We personalize our approach to suite your unique needs, price point, and style.

We focus on timeless gifts that will be appreciated and remembered. We offer goods that our clients feel reflect their own care and consideration.
Token Collective


Utilizing our network of manufacturers and printers, our creative team can create the perfect item around your companies aesthetic and brand vision.

Sourcing from small US and European factories allows us to create
custom items on a small scale, for maximum impression while
remaining surprisingly financially viable.

Token Collective


Gift giving in the corporate world is about evolving a personal relationship in a business setting. Electronic communication and long distance networking has made creating and maintaining that relationship more necessary than ever before.

Showing recognition and respect to your employees is more important than ever in today's corporate culture. A gift from Token Collective expresses the enduring value of a job well done.

— Welcome a new employee
— Career achievements \ Employee celebrations
— Affirm vendor relationships \
Thank long standing customers
—Spread cheer over the Holiday season

Token Collective


We recognize that gifting to those who have it all can be quite daunting. Choosing the right Token that will make an impression without going overboard can almost make you reconsider.

Browse our visual guide for a sampling of our beautifully made gift ideas,
all elegantly understated for the ultimate statement.


A company expansion,
new product launch or during the holiday season, every occasion should be utilized to create the excitement and positive energy that drives success.

Token is at your disposal to create the experience, be it
with a gift, swag bag or branded favor.


We believe :
1.that the deluge of marketing material has given new meaning to tactile self‒promotion.2.in merchandise your brand wants to be associated with. 3.that smartly conceived promotions won't be discarded.4. reinventing the use of branded collateral can spread your reach.

Our curation will provide you with unique options to enhance your brandscape. Our creativity will create a cohesive marketing initiative and implement it from initial concept to delivery.
Our branding and design professionals, have established working relationships with a large number of product suppliers from across the globe, and can procure almost anything.